As businesses are empowered with better knowledge and tools, the level of competition increases with businesses developing new and better strategies. The use of information technology has made a huge impact on many enterprises and in some cases, has been a key factor in gaining a competitive edge.  We are in the business of introducing these winning factors to you, using intelligent and effective software solutions. We custom build software solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget. Alternatively, we offer a number of cost-effective packages aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. To put it simply, we exist to add value to your bottom-line. As one of our saying goes, "If it ain't delivering gains, we ain't doing it."

Our Solutions

activeAsset is our fixed asset management solution. It manages all your valuable assets in a central database allowing you to easily classify, locate, view and report on them. The solution includes depreciation functions for your asset accounting needs.

activeAsset manages all your fixed assets by tracking all the details including service and warranty information. The depreciation feature supports multiple books for accounting and tax purposes. It also offers multiple depreciation trial runs prior to confirming any figures. A web-based solution ensures flexibility in managing your assets anywhere using a browser.

activeBuilder is our job management solution for the building industry. It's a specialised solution designed for builders to improve productivity in managing their business, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

activeBuilder is designed for builders, contractors and companies in the building industry wanting to increase productivity by better managing resources and reducing paperwork. The solution which covers inventory, variations, buyer-created invoice and job costing eases the business pressures in managing building projects.

activeCatalog is our web content and e-commerce management solution. It has been designed to ease the management and the development of your website. Equipped with shopping cart and product management facilities, the product offers unlimited potential for businesses to extend their market on the internet.

activeCatalog is designed for organisations with a vision to market and sell on the Internet. The solution delivers a fully featured online catalogue content management system, allowing businesses to present timely information to its web audience 24 hours 7 days. The ability to update web content improves responsiveness and accuracy of information.

activePoint is a small business solution with sales and stock management facility. It has been designed as a web-based solution, allowing your business needs to be met anytime, anywhere. From purchase orders, stock in to quotes and orders, activePoint manages and controls every critical point of your business.

activePoint is designed for small businesses wanting an integrated approach to managing their operations. The comprehensive solution covers all major aspects of your business including integration with our web content management solution for e-commerce, giving you absolute confidence to run your business effectively and efficiently.

Our Services

To deliver effective IT solutions, we provide a number of other associated services. These services include systems customisation and integration, hardware and network setup plus configuration. We also engage in pure services contracts for consultancy and project management.
  1. General information technology consulting covering value-add and business Intelligence.
  2. Customised software development and consultancy.
  3. Software Project Management.
  4. Computer hardware and networking consultancy.
  5. Computer software and hardware sales.

About Us

Software In Action specialises in delivering web-based software solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We deliver custom-built solutions and also offers a range of products in areas like e-commerce, invoicing and stock management and fixed asset management.

Software In Action designs and develops software solutions using modular and multi-tier design principles, enabling applications to be enhanced and modified in a rapid manner.

Based in Auckland, Software In Action is a small and agile company that has been operating since 2003, with a team of highly experienced professionals who are absolutely focussed on adding value to customers.